Thursday, June 18, 2015

More (better) pics of Streep on set of "Florence Foster Jenkins"

Just a few days after fans caught a glimpse of queen Meryl on the set of Florence Foster Jenkins, we're now getting a far clearer idea of what her character looks like:

Is that you Meryl? Hugh was filming scenes with his co-star Meryl Streep, who was seen on set in costume for the first time on Wednesday

Styled like a socialite: The Oscar-winning actress was dressed in stereotypical ensemble from the 1940s, complete with kitsch fascinator, fur wrap and roller-curled hair

Obviously she's wearing some sort of fat suit to look larger.  Ms Jenkins was a tad corpulent in her golden years.  Filming is expected to wrap on the Stephen Frears pic next month.


  1. This was my concern when Masterclass fell though.. she'd have to gain weight for this role...

    1. Well if she had stayed thin for Master Class, that was supposed to wrap by March. Two months to eat up...but again, I think she's wearing a suit.

    2. Oh Jeff, Im still sore over it's loss!

    3. Me too! It would have been stunning to see her as La Divina.