Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Preview of new song from "Ricki and the Flash"

A preview of the original song "Cold One" has been posted to the Ricki and the Flash website.  Penned by Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice, we get to hear Meryl with the lead vocals. She provides a nice folk-rock sound to it..even a bit of gravel in her voice.  I think what I'm most looking forward to in this movie is the music.  The film opens nationwide August 7.  


  1. Excited for this film! Saw on IMDb that this movie will be released in Spain July 10th before the US release... but has anyone seen it yet? Have there been screenings that you know of? Or people who've read the script? What's the inside word?

    1. The IMDb page may not be updated for international release, as it was originally going to premiere in the U.S. in June. I think there have been a couple screenings, but very little feedback from what I was able to learn. Not many people were particularly enthusiastic about the film's quality after the trailer. I'm sure we'll get some reactions to the full film by mid to end of July.