Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Focus Features acquires "Suffragette"

Among other sources, Deadline is reporting that the American distribution rights to Meryl's upcoming film Suffragette have been acquired by Focus Features.  A U.K. release date has previously been announced as September 11, with a U.S. date likely not far behind.  This is good news for the film, as Focus is a strong awards campaigner, and the powers that be were likely pleased with its potential success.  Hopefully this means the movie is actually decent.  Looking forward to a trailer soon!


  1. Do we know if Meryl has enough screen time to
    qualify for awards consideration?

    1. I doubt there will be much push for her as she has what amounts a to a sturdy cameo, to my understanding.

      To be honest, given how quickly Meryl shot her scenes added to the fact Abi Morgan (who did a real disservice to the subject matter with her Iron Lady screenplay) wrote it, I have never really had much interest in this film. With this news my expectations are raised a little.

      Jeff how about ranking Meryl’s Oscar nominations in terms of how close she came? We could have an interactive vote! hehe

    2. Beatrice Straight won for Network with only five minutes of screen time. Do they have rules on that now? Regardless, I agree that it's likely not more than a glorified cameo. Still hope the film is great.

      It's funny you ask about ranking Meryl's nominations, because there's a thread in the gold derby forums right now that's doing that and I've been thinking about where I'd rank them. I'll try to make that my next post.

    3. I know it's not possible or even fair to the losers but it would be so interesting to know everyone's placements at The Oscars each yer from 1-5. I bet there are some surprises.

      Maybe if Meryl is simply outstanding Bafta will show her some love - stranger things have happened in their categories but I would prefer Ricki to get prime attention this year now Masterclass has seemingly fallen.

    4. Have I mentioned how I wanted Ricki, Master Class and Florence all released this year so Meryl could get three Globe nominations in three different categories...all for playing singers???

    5. Erm maybe once or twice Jeff! :-)