Monday, October 13, 2014

First look of Meryl as "Ricki"

It was reported this morning that Meryl was filming a scene for Ricki and the Flash at a salon in Rye, NY today and someone happened to post a photo of it to Instagram:

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You can see Meryl with her head down, wearing a leather jacket and boots.  It looks like her daughter and co-star Mamie behind her.  Fun to get an idea of what Meryl's physical interpretation of Ricki will be.


  1. Oh my goodness she looks awesome! This will be her most glamorous role since Jane in It's Complicated!

    She also looks slimmer although we can't see much and I always prefer her with longer hair - short makes her look older.

    I have high hope for this films given Meryl's comments on the quality of the script. I remember her saying she read 2 of the best she has ever received recently. Do we think the other is likely to be Masterclass since there is no updates on The Good House?

    Exciting to even get a glimpse! :)

    1. I'm sure one of the scripts is Ricki and the Flash. I have a feeling that The Good House may be the other, as we know Michael Cunningham has stated it was a challenging character. I'm sure Master Class is great, but the script probably isn't THAT much different from the stage play. Plus it seems that saying "two of the best scripts I've ever read" would make more sense as fictional character portrayals. That's just my guess.

    2. I hope you are right as that means we will hopefully have 3 films of quality coming given the quality of the play. I do feel bad for poor Faye Dunaway though!

      I actually think if it all comes off as well as it should 2015 could become one of Meryl's best ever years, both commercially and critically
      (Into the Woods, Ricki, Master Class and added snaps for playing E.P in Suffragette).

    3. That's my car im so happy haha this is my town to traffic was crazy but she walked literally right next to my car