Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 10 Streep performances according to "Watch Mojo"

Recently, Watch Mojo posted a video of their choices for Meryl's top ten screen performances:

Of course all ten are of Oscar-nominated performances, and for the most part, I agree.  It's next to impossible to get a consensus on Meryl's best work, but since they did it, I'll do my best to list mine as well. If you ask me again in a year, my list may be different.  But today, it's this:

1. Sophie's Choice (duh)
2. A Cry in the Dark
3. The Devil Wears Prada
4. Adaptation
5. The Bridges of Madison County
6. Kramer vs Kramer
7. The Iron Lady
8. Julie & Julia
9. Silkwood
10. Doubt

Strong cases could be made for Out of Africa, Postcards from the Edge, August: Osage County, Ironweed, Angels in America (Ethel), One True Thing, The HoursThe French Lieutenant's Woman, The Manchurian Candidate and The Deer Hunter.  I actually happen to love her in Plenty, The River Wild, Prime and Music of the Heart as well.   As I to impossible.   What do you guys think?


  1. I just watched Plenty for the first time last week and really liked it. Had it been in 1986 like you suggested I am sure she would have got more attention for it.

    1. Sophie's Choice
    2. A Cry in the Dark
    3. Silkwood
    4. The Iron Lady
    5. The Bridges of Madison County
    6. Adaptation
    7. Doubt
    8. The Hours
    9. Kramer vs Kramer
    10. Out of Africa.

    1. So glad you got to see Plenty! Isn't it a great role? Love your top ten.

  2. my top 10 are
    1.the river wild's compkicated
    3.postcards from the edge
    5.sophie's choice
    6.kramer vs. kramer
    7.the devil wears prada
    8.the bridges of madison county
    10,mamma mia

    1. Wow, River Wild #1! She's great in it. Glad to see Sophie in your top ten.