Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Several film updates

As I anxiously await a trailer for Into the Woods (will it ever happen?!), there are a few items of interest worth mentioning.  It's been kind of a slow week, and normally most of the things I'm about to cover wouldn't make a blog post, but as there are three main topics to cover, I'll throw 'em together.

First and foremost, we have video of Kevin Kline confirming that he will be joining Meryl as her husband in Ricki and the Flash.  Kline indicates that he'll begin work in October, which doesn't necessarily mean that Meryl starts the same month.  Regardless, we know shooting is likely going to begin early fall.

Hillary Clinton went on record this week saying that if there were a film made about her life, she would "of course" want Meryl Streep to play her.  This is no surprise and has been suggested by others numerous times.  It just so happens that a Hillary Clinton biopic is in my future projects list that I've laid out at the end of my reimagined history.

Finally, The Giver Lois Lowry mentioned a few thoughts on the casting of Meryl as the Chief Elder in the upcoming film adaptation, as well as how her presence may be helpful as a box office draw.  The film opens next month.

By this time next year, I'll have seen five new Streep movies, she'll have filmed Master Class, and hopefully we'll know for sure if The Good House is happening.  It's going to get busy!

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