Saturday, July 19, 2014

New featurette for "The Giver"

Hey folks.  Just got back from a few days of family time with Joe in Madison.  Noticed there was a new featurette for The Giver released on Thursday which includes a fair amount of screen time for Meryl.  Just about four weeks until it hits theaters!


  1. I hope this is a big hit. The MTV crown might nominate Meryl for best villain haha. The best news recently was confirmation of Masterclass though, very excited for Into The Woods, Ricki and that.

  2. It seems that many oscar pundits believe that ITW will turn out to be a mess of
    a movie (another NINE). I am just holding my breath that it turns out to be
    a brilliant film with Meryl knocking this one out of the park!

    1. I have high hopes for the film too, how do they think it will be a mess when no one has seen it yet?
      I do see the pundits are increasingly placing Meryl into the Supporting Category which is a little weird when her character is the glue of the movie

    2. You guys, for some reason I wasn't getting email notification of coomments for like a week so just saw these. I'm a little nervous that there isn't a trailer and that there are reshoots, but it's still July. Likely just paranoid. Stephen Sondeheim afterall has already said he's seen the completed film more than once and that it's great.

      I too hope that this isn't another Nine. Could go either way. The Giver is could also go either way, with huge potential for box office, but possibility of universal pans.