Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cast of "August: Osage County" accepts Hollywood Film Award

Last night several members of the cast of August: Osage County were on hand to accept the Hollywood "ensemble" Film Award:

Julia Roberts also took home the best supporting actress honor.  Meryl obviously wasn't there as filming is currently underway for Into the Woods in the U.K.   In far more exciting news, last night I learned that the Twin Cities Film Festival has added a second showing of August: Osage County on Thursday night, and I got a ticket!   So excited to see this movie in two days.  Expect a review by Friday or Saturday.


  1. I'm pleased that Julia got the award and acclaim, she seems to be takign on more challenging projects these days. I was thinking that it may be the case that she is also in the Best Actress - Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes too since this is an easier category to secure a second nomination in..

    I was also thinking about how Meryl's chances might have been improved overall this year if they had managed to work the Saving Mr Banks schedule around her and she had 2 strong films out this quarter. I don't know if it would put her favourite for Oscar but I imagine she would have got a few extra votes.
    Or potentially she would have gone Supporting for August afterall and this would have been the first year she had a double nomination by the Academy!

    1. Agreed about the possibility of Julia going lead at the Globes in Musical/Comedy. Like Zeta-Jones did with Chicago a decade ago.

      I'm actually going to be doing a "shoulda coulda woulda" post eventually about Saving Mr. Banks. This was a script on the Hollywood Blacklist. I think it would've been great it they could've gotten things together a few months earlier in 2012 for a shooting schedule. That entire film was shot in California, so if they had been able to shoot in say March-May 2012, it could've been ready for release last year. She would've had that and Hope Springs. Probably would've gotten Globe nods for both (one Comedy, one Drama). I kind of like that August: Osage County is by itself this year. Can't wait to see it tomorrow!