Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gyllenhaal out of "Into the Woods"

This cast just got a little less good-looking.  Several sources are now reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal has had to drop out of the upcoming film Into the Woods due to scheduling conflicts.  He is going to be filming two films this fall, the first of which, Nightcrawler just received the green light, which apparently trumps his involvement in Woods.  

My initial reaction when I thought about Gyllenhaal not being in the film was "oh no, now he won't be able to say he's been in a movie with Meryl."  How quickly I forget Rendition.   The next thing I thought was which hunky actor they'll get to replace him.  We don't know a ton about Gyllenhaal's vocal ability, be suffice it to say he's not exactly known for his singing prowess.  Aaron Tveit, anyone?

This news leaves the cast listing as follows:

The Witch: Meryl Streep (confirmed)
The Wolf: Johnny Depp (confirmed)
The Baker: James Corden (confirmed)
Cinderella's/Rapunzel's Prince: Chris Pine (confirmed)
The Baker's Wife: Emily Blunt (confirmed)
The Stepmother: Christine Baranski (confirmed)
Stepsister: Megan Hilty (rumored)
Jack's Mother: Tracey Ullman (confirmed)
Jack: Daniel Huttlestone (rumored)
Cinderella: Anna Kendrick (rumored)

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