Monday, July 15, 2013

Meryl headed to London soon to film "Into the Woods"

Gossip columnist Liz Smith's latest report indicates that Meryl is headed to London in three weeks to begin filming "Into the Woods."  Smith evidently had lunch with Meryl's press agent Leslee Dart, who was happy to provide a portion of Streep's summer itinerary.  This info, assuming it's accurate, falls completely in line with previous reports that shooting was to begin in August or September.

I've seen some concern on the blogosphere about whether the film was going on as planned.  There haven't been any casting updates for several weeks and a recent Hollywood Reporter interview in which the chairman of Walt Disney Studios Alan Horn failed to include Into the Woods in his list of upcoming films for 2014 was enough to get rumors buzzing.  The word of mouth update from Meryl's press agent, however should hopefully be enough to squelch the doubts.   Into the Woods is set for a Christmas Day release, 2014. 


  1. I'm guessing it's in the film studios at Pinewood as it's unlikely they will use any of the city for locations. I hope to catch a glimpse at some point all the same! hehe