Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Into the Woods" to begin filming in September

Playbill is reporting that Into the Woods is set to begin filming in London this September.  This is in line with previous reports that not only was the production going forward, but that it was set to begin work this fall (October).  A late 2013 filming schedule should ensure a 2014 release.  My guess would be either Thanksgiving or Christmas, considering it's Disney.  Prime placement for Oscar consideration.  Not that I've really been doing this lately, but I will no longer be describing Meryl as "rumored" for this film.  It's happening.

This info comes off the heels of speculation of Johnny Depp's participation in the project.  Most sources are suggesting him in the role as The Baker.   However, a more realistic possibility that has been brought up around the web is that he may portray a "sexy" Wolf.  The latter seems more up Depp's alley, considering his affinity for eccentric and garish characterizations.   Time will tell of course.

The next two years are going to be insanely abundant with Meryl film news.  Yay me. 

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