Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gyllenhaal and Pine in talks for "Into the Woods"

Well done, Minnesota, for getting marriage equality signed into law today!  Speaking of, as if the upcoming film adaptation of Sondheim's musical Into the Woods weren't already a gay magnet (gagnet?), The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pine are in talks to star as the two princes.  Yum.

I wasn't aware that either of these two gentlemen were capable of singing well.  Again however, we know Sondheim would prefer great actors who can sing over great singers who can act.  Both Gyllenhaal and Pine have fine acting chops, and certainly wouldn't do much to deter fans from showing up in theaters.  I'm personally excited to see Chris Pine in Star Trek Into Darkness within the next week or so.  For Gyllenhaal, this would be his second film with Meryl, following 2007's Rendition.  Here's where the cast list stands after this new bit of info:

The Witch: Meryl Streep (confirmed)
The Wolf: Johnny Depp (confirmed)
The Baker: James Corden (confirmed)
The Baker's Wife: Nina Arianda (rumored)
Cinderella's/Rapunzel's Prince: Jake Gyllenhaal & Chris Pine (rumored)



  1. Jeff, casting for Into The Woods is comming in strong. Emily Blunt looks like she will sign for Bakers Wife. Christine Baransmi for the wicked step mother . There's a rumor that Sondheim wants Angela Lansbury for the Grandmother. Ken

    1. Ooooo! Thanks for the update, Ken. They're really going for it on this cast!

  2. Blunt, Pine and Jake can't sing a note. This may be Into the Wreakage!

    1. Oh contrare...



      Haven't found much of substance on Gyllenhaal but some short clips on the web certainly don't suggest he can't sing at all.

  3. Oh I really like Chris Pine, for erm, obvious reasons! What a fine prince he would be!
    I would love Angela Lansbury to be in this, she is an incredible force who doesn't get many opportunities off stage anymore. I'm sure she and Meryl could have some good chats too! Is the role of Grandmother a small one or does she have standout scenes do we know?

    1. Yeah Chris Pine is a dreamboat...and can sing. I agree about Angela Lansbury. I love her and it would be great to see her. The Grandmother "Granny" is bascially a cameo in the stage version. I like that both Lansbury and Meryl played the same role in The Manchurian Candidate (in different years obviously).

  4. Yes I know. Angela wasn't impressed by the idea of a remake but I think the performances each bring something different.

    Angela never really got any of the great roles of her day in films which is a shame. She once turned down an offer to play Nurse Rachett in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Louise Fletcher won the oscar...