Friday, April 5, 2013

Thoughts from cinematographer for "August: Osage County"

Yesterday an article was put out on Thompson on Hollywood with quotes from an interview with Adriano Goldman, the cinematographer who worked on August: Osage County.   He talks specifically about what it was like to work with Meryl.  There are some fantastic quotes about her presence and excellence (the shit I live for).  My favorite is when he discusses how John Wells chose to shoot the long, intense family dinner scene in three parts to allow "master shots" on all eleven actors:

"You could just see the other 10 actors watching Meryl Streep and being amazed by her performance," Goldman recounts.  "I remember Chris Cooper saying, 'I'd love to give an interview one day about my job as an actor and would probably just talk about these three days that we shot the dinner scene and just watching Meryl at work.'"  

I continue to white-knuckle it in regard to waiting until November 8 to see this film.  Just a bit of warning to readers: if you think I've been obsessing about this project up to now...once trailers, interviews and clips start rolling out from production and cast, this blog will probably feel more like an August: Osage County blog.  I'm owning it.  I love this play, love this story and am super excited about seeing my favorite actor portray one of the more compelling and complex characters in recent cinematic history.  Oh, and also expect the hyperbolic comments to continue as it pertains to this picture.

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