Monday, April 22, 2013

Sondheim interview suggests "Into the Woods" to begin in August

Coming off recent news from an interview Meryl gave to a Chinese journalist, we now have an interview in The Independent with composer Stephen Sondheim, suggesting that work on the much-rumored Into the Woods feature film will begin this summer:

As for the here and now? There's the prospect of a new song (not least for Oscar consideration, one assumes) as and when Rob Marshall's film of Into the Woods revs up in August, with Meryl Streep inheriting Bernadette Peters' Broadway role as the Witch.

I imagine it won't only be a song that's up for Oscar consideration when this is eventually released.  The Chinese article suggested that shooting would begin in October.  It's certainly possible that work will begin late summer with principle photography, including Meryl's shooting schedule, officially taking place in the fall.  Regardless, this is just further confirmation that this picture is likely going forward, and more importantly, that Meryl will be involved.  Woo hoo!  


  1. I really hope this comes off well (Another Chicago instead of a Nine!)
    Listening to the music on youtube gave me some idea what to expect. The Witch has some great numbers. I'll be interested in further casting news though - I see the woman who played the baker's wife won the Tony award over The Witch in the original run so let's see how it goes with this!

    1. Word on Chicago vs Nine. Sondheim will be writing a new number as well. I wonder if it'll be for the witch. I expect more news on this project within the next month or two.

  2. I really hope it is. As much as I like ensemble acting, I always prefer when the camera is on Meryl! I have never seen the musical but have heard a lot of great things!