Thursday, November 22, 2012

Screenplay thoughts from "August: Osage County" writer Tracy Letts

Happy Thanksgiving.  I have many things for which to be thankful this year:  family, friends, health, home, Meryl.  In no particular order.  I'm very excited to indulge in the great American pastime of overeating in about two hours...for about two hours.

Yesterday I came across an article from the Los Angeles Times which has a few quotes from playwright Tracy Letts regarding his own upcoming film adaptation of the play August: Osage County.  Have I mentioned this movie before?  As we know, filming wrapped last week.  I'll let you guys read the article, but I was pleased to read Letts reporting that he attempted to remain very faithful to the original play saying, "it's very recognizably the same piece."  Of course he's taken some things out (like scenes with Sheriff Deon Gibeau) and perhaps rephrased a few lines that might sound a little too theatrical onscreen, but I think he's likely kept the juiciest stuff that has made the story so memorable. 

Letts's two previous plays for which he adapted a screenplay, Bug and Killer Joe, were not exactly blockbusters.  Neither of those plays were as wildly successful commercially or critically as was August: Osage County, however.   And with the star-studded cast they lined up for its film adaptation, I'm optimistic that there's a better chance of it doing well.   I don't need it to make $200 million at the box office.  I just want it to win Meryl her fourth Oscar.   

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