Monday, November 5, 2012

"August: Osage County" production design

I came across an article in which David Gropman, the production designer for August: Osage County, is interviewed about his work on the upcoming film.  I'll let you have a read, but it was fun to learn that this is the same man who worked on Marvin's Room and Doubt.   He's also billed as the designer for Life of Pi, which I have yet to see, but looks incredibly visually striking.  Thanks to my obsession with Meryl and her participation in August, I'm learning a bit more about what an enormous undertaking making a film actually is.  This film doesn't have super high production costs, but it's basically mostly shot in a single house with no major special effects or lavish scenes.  After reading this piece however, I realize that there is so much detail that we often take for granted in creating a believable visual setting for a story.  I also learned that the film takes place in 1998, which is a bit earlier than I had previously thought, but that matters little.

Filming is set to wrap up around Thanksgiving, so hopefully in the next couple of months we may get a screen capture or two of miss Meryl in her role.  I don't really know what a typical timeline is for releasing production stills, but I recall our first glimpse of Meryl as Margaret Thatcher in February 2011, and that film was released ten months later.  If we're expecting a late 2013 release for August: Osage County, maybe January/February is realistic for some new pics.

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