Monday, November 12, 2012

Meryl up for Indie Film award

Ugh.  This is like week-old news but I figured I'd eventually have to comment on it.  I haven't bothered up to this point because it's small ball and pertains to a film that was released almost a year ago.  According to The Telegraph, both Meryl and Judi Dench have been nominated for Best Actress for the British Independent Film awards.   Dench is nominated for this year's The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, while Meryl is being recognized for her work in The Iron Lady, which was released in the U.K. in early January.  Considering Meryl has already won both the Golden Globe and Academy Award for her role in this film, I'm not getting particularly excited about the prospect of her winning this award some nine months later.  However, it's nice to see Meryl recognized, and it's been five days since I've blogged so this fills the void.  The nominees for Best Actress are as follows:

Alice Lowe (Sightseers)
Andrea Riseborough (Shadow Dancer)
Elle Fanning (Ginger and Rosa)
Judi Dench (The Best Exotic Merigold Hotel)
Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady)

I really don't know what to expect or predict with this lineup.  I want to say Meryl will run away with this but I know very  little about the history of these awards and how they tend to go. We'll just have to wait until December 9th when the recipients are announced.

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