Friday, April 5, 2024

Additions to "Only Murders in the Building" cast

Aside from Meryl presenting Cher with an iHeartRadio Icon Award earlier this week, it's been pretty quiet in Streep world when it comes to actual acting work. Filming for the fourth season of Only Murders in the Building is underway. There has been some buzz about exactly how many episodes Meryl will be in. IMDbPro has her listed as only in episode one as of now, but there are several of the ten episodes where only the three main cast members (Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short) are listed as starring. Certainly there will be other cast members in those episodes, so it's possible that Meryl is in more. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if her role were considerably smaller than in season 3.  

I'm going to go into too much detail on the new cast members being added because I've never heard of any of them. Desmin Borges, Siena Werber, and Lilian Rebelo. Please refer to this link to read more about their backgrounds. 

No word on when the first episode of the new season is set to premiere. Looking like fourth quarter 2024. 

Borges, Werber, Rebelo


  1. I'm a little deflated now, is it true that Meryl doesn't make movies anymore. I want to be able to leave some more movie work behind while she still has the energy.Sorry, I'm not very interested in OMITB

  2. Ugh! World of Reel (mixed reliability - famous to us for wrongly saying Meryl would be working with Ari Aster) says Streep, Spielberg and Viola Davis were gonna make a movie but that's it not happening anymore :(
    Brutal, as I love the book series it would adapt!

    1. I totally just red that too and I was like "never heard of this?" I read the little blurb on Wikipedia, but can you say more Darcy about the story and perhaps what Meryl's role might have been (and if it had been juicy)? It sounds like it might be too similar to OMITB.

    2. It could've been juicy in the right hands (script and performer) as the character I suspect she would have played (Elizabeth) has a backstory and secrets that are revealed in addition to the main plot. I could be wrong, though, and she could've been playing the secondary female character Joyce, who is more daffy (though still complex as series progresses).
      Overall, the novels are very charming and British, and honestly, would probably make a better television series than film and am surprised Spielberg would entertain a project of its sort. It's more Best Exotic Marigold Hotel than Saving Private Ryan!

    3. Thanks for info. Yeah, hard to know based on the source if the rumor was even accurate, or if it was indeed ever even in the works.

    4. Gosh, I was looking at Spielberg's imdb page last month for "The Thursday Murders Club" and wondered if it would have Meryl in it, because it fits. I also went searching for news about it, and the original writer said that the movie is on hold because of the strike, and that it might start shooting this August.