Wednesday, March 1, 2023

SAG Foundation to open Meryl Streep Center for Performing Artists

For whatever reason, I feel less and less inclined these days to post about non-specifically work-related Meryl topics. But I found the articles from a couple days ago about SAG-AFTRA's plans to open a center in Meryl's honor to be a touching bit of news. 

The Meryl Streep Center will be the West Coast complement to the Robin Williams Center that the SAG-AFTRA Foundation opened in Midtown Manhattan in 2016. Like its New York counterpart, the Los Angeles facility will feature a on-camera and voiceover recording studios, tech labs, classroom spaces and other infrastructure designed to help performers hone their skills and develop their careers.

I expect that we'll have more and more of these types of honors as Meryl gets further into the last years of her career. While I hope the end is very far off, there are only so many more projects one can expect to see when someone is fortunate enough to reach their eighth decade of life. With the recent announcement of Meryl joining the cast of season 3 of Only Murders in the Building and with Extrapolations set to premiere in just over two weeks, I feel the glimmer of an active string of years potentially on the horizon.   

The Meryl Streep Center for Performing Artists is set to open its doors in early 2024 in Los Angeles. 


  1. I find this news very moving! And well-deserved! I believe we should celebrate people while we have them instead of once they are gone. I hope to see her do a grand opening next year. I saw a rumour of a Sorkin-Streep series collaboration buzz around the internet a few weeks back - I'd love that. But given all these sorts of tributes to her life and career, we may be about to get an "On Golden Pond" moment when she returns to film...she's a similar age to Hepburn and Fonda were at that time.

  2. Do you a link to that Sorkin-Streep series gossip?- Jamie

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Can't link a deleted tweet but it came from a literary manager (Jarrod Murray) and was retweeted by a few Hollywood reporter-types and it read "Aaron Sorkin and Meryl Streep recently took out a pitch that didn't sell, in case you're wondering about the climate in television right now."

    2. Got it. Thanks!- Jamie