Monday, May 16, 2022

Results of poll #15

Folks have made their choices for which film of Meryl's they feel should have been nominated for Best Picture, and was not. The results are as follows:

Doubt 29.55%

Silkwood 20.45%

Sophie's Choice 18.18%

The Devil Wears Prada 13.64%

The Bridges of Madison County 11.36%

Adaptation 6.82%

August: Osage County 0%

Into the Woods 0%

I can't really argue with Doubt. I think it's a great movie and regularly revisit it. I definitely would've ranked it ahead of both The Reader and Frost/Nixon that year. I'm a little surprised by how low Adaptation came in. I voted for it, just because of all the films of Meryl's that were not nominated for Best Picture, this might be the best, in my opinion. But when trying to decide which film I would push out of the top five that year. Maybe The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. As much as I enjoy Chicago, Adaptation is probably the superior film as well. 

Good to see that Silkwood and Sophie's Choice were up there at the top as well. Those also just happen to be two of Streep's likely top five performances in my view, with Sophie's Choice number one. 


  1. Same here...Silkwood and Sophie's Choice are among my Top 5 Meryl performances too.

  2. The top 6 are all deserving and would be better best picture contenders than plenty of the actual nominees.