Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Poll #15: Which Meryl film should've been nominated for Best Picture?

This question was suggested in the comments of my last poll, and I thought it would be a great one to consider. It's interesting that Meryl has been in three films in the last five years that were nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards (The Post, Little Women, Don't Look Up). She was of course only nominated for The Post. She hadn't been nominated for a film that also had a Best Picture nom since way back in 1985 (Out of Africa)! 

I think it's means something extra when a lead actor or even supporting actor gets individually recognized for their performance in a film that's nominated for the top prize. So often Meryl is the best thing in her films, and she can make, what would otherwise be a bit of a stinker perhaps (see The Iron Lady, for example), a decent film due simply to the fact that she's so good and on screen all the time. 

So with that in mind, which film(s) do you think were deserving of that top nomination? 


  1. I voted Silkwood but really think Adaptation should've gotten in too! I'm hoping we will get one more film that gets her and the film itself a statue, a la Kramer v Kramer. That said, I am starting to worry she has semi-retired, if I am honest.

    1. I chose Adaptation, Darcy! Totally agree.

      And I think it's premature to be fearing any kind of retirement at this point. We have to remember that Meryl does this. She takes a year off every 5-6 years. Last time she didn't film anything for the whole year was 2016. Prior to that, she filmed nothing in 2010. And technically, she really hasn't stopped filming...she did Extrapolations not too long ago, which will come out this year, and prior to that, has filmed projects every year going back to 2017. It might just be her typical pattern.

  2. I voted for "Doubt" as I thought it was a real gem of its year, overlooked and I detested the Weinstein strong-arming for the very patchy "The Reader". Really though, any of the choices were worthy of a nomination in their year:

    "Sophie's Choice" could have replaced either "Missing" or "The Verdict".

    Silkwood instead of "The Big Chill"

    "The Bridges Of Madison County" had a better critical reception than the overrated "Braveheart"

    "The Devil Wears Prada" could have been just as good a nominee as "Babel" or "Little Miss Sunshine" in 2006.

    It's harder to find a spot for "Adaptation" in 2002 although I truly feel it should have been recognised. I guess I would choose it over "Gangs Of New York" by process of elimination.

    I wouldn't say "Into The Woods" was necessarily snubbed as it suffered from an abbreviated script and unsure direction but in the expanded category it could have grabbed the 10th spot.

  3. Movie for Meryl begins shooting soon.
    Saw this on The Film Experience blog

  4. I follow the Film Experience and I don't remember them saying Meryl is filming again. Link please?

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