Monday, February 28, 2022

Streep at the SAGs

Although Don't Look Up lost out to the cast of CODA in the ensemble category at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, it was nice to see that Meryl was in attendance. She joined co-stars Tyler Perry and Cate Blanchett to present the clip for their film. 

Meryl looks great! I might be crazy but I feel like usually when she's this trim she's either just finished filming something or is about to start. I know Extrapolations might have wrapped for her recently, but I'm just hoping and wishing that she's going to start something this spring for a late 2022 release. 

She also got to snap a pic with the night's Lifetime Achievement honoree, Dame Helen Mirren, as well as getting a shout out from Marlee Matlin during the acceptance speech for CODA's ensemble win (2:08 below).  

I love when she ends up playing a sort of a supporting role in awards shows, even if she isn't nominated in an individual category. 


  1. I loved seeing Meryl at award shows again! Although it would have been better if she was individually nominated (hopefully in the near future, fingers crossed for Places Please and State of Terror) but I was like Marlee just looking for Meryl all night. Lol
    And the whole show just reminded me of how I missed in person award shows. And the fact that canceling the Golden Globes and moving the Critics Choice Awards were two of the dumbest decisions ever. But whatever. With all that said,
    Jeff. Do you think Meryl will attend the oscars this year as she is not personally nominated but a cast member of a Best Picture nominated film?

    1. She might attend the Oscars if she's asked to present, but I doubt she would be there simply because Don't Look Up was nominated for Best Picture.

  2. I agree about Meryl looking so trim. Reminds me of how terrific she looked when Master Class was in pre-production.

  3. Meryl's message: I'm not retiring and all the jealous and insecure ones can stay pressed forever.

  4. Shades of Susan Traherne's basic black in 'Plenty' (designed by Ruth Myers). Timeless.