Tuesday, February 8, 2022

"Don't Look Up" receives four Academy Award nominations

The nominees for the 94th Academy Awards were announced this morning, and Don't Look Up came away with four: 

Best Picture
Best Original Screenplay
Best Score
Best Film Editing

With this slate of nominations, it makes it three out of the last five years that Meryl has been in a Best Picture nominee, following 2017's The Post (for which she also received a Best Actress nomination) and 2019's Little Women. It also unfortunately ties her longest streak without being nominated for an acting award. The last time she went four consecutive years without getting a nod was 1991-1994. Unless she somehow has a film released this year and gets nominated (which I maintain is not an impossibility if Places, Please (or something else) is filmed this spring and is released fourth quarter), she will break that streak. 

I was hoping Leonardo DiCaprio would sneak in to the top five in Best Actor, but I think Javier Bardem snatched that last spot, deservedly. I also thought the "Just Look Up" might get a nod for Best Original Song, but it also failed to crack the list. 

The most-nominated films were The Power of the Dog (12 nominations), Dune (10), and both Belfast and West Side Story (7 apiece). 

Biggest surprises to me:

-Judi Dench over Caitriona Balfe for Actress in a Supporting Role (both in Belfast)
-No Ruth Negga in Supporting Actress (Passing)
-Jessie Buckley in Supporting Actress (The Lost Daughter)
-No Lady Gaga in Actress (The House of Gucci)
-J.K. Simmons in Supporting Actor (Being the Ricardos)

The Oscars ceremony will be held Sunday, March 27 in Los Angeles. 


  1. So Judi has become the 2nd most Oscar nominated living actress. Bye Glenn!

    1. Judi and Glenn are tied with 8 nominations each.

  2. Both Cate and Kate also break their longest streak record of not being nominated!

  3. Very pleased the movie got this recognition, it was excellent!

    1. Jeff says DLU came up with three nominations- is this just a typo?

    2. Whoops yep that was just a typo. Corrected.

  4. Something that occured to me today is that the old critique used to be that Meryl was never in Best Picture caliber films, and now that she is, The Post aside, she has not been nominated alongside her films!
    P.S. I am allowing myself the optimism that she is booked to do film something this year (that we are not aware of yet) but I am not holding my breath for a release this year. I think all we will get is the ONE (?!) episode of Extrapolations.

    1. It would be strange to me if she did nothing else this year. Filming Extrapolations probably took her 1-2 weeks, and Don't Look Up has been done for a year. Not only do I hope she films something yet this year, I hope its soon and so they can release it by year's end.

    2. It used to be much harder to be a Best Picture nominees when there was only 5 spots I guess, plus all the campaigning that plays a decisive part too.

      I peesonally think Silkwood,The Bridges Of Madison County, Adaptation, Doubt and possibly The Devil Wears Prada would have been worthy nominees in their respective years.

      How The Reader beat out Doubt for a nomination in 2009 still rancours.

  5. Best picture caliber films are mainly male character-centered films. An actress can be in a lot of them, but that doesn't mean she's gonna be nominated for it. Check how many best picture nominated films Cate Blanchett is in and how many she actually got nominated for them. A lot of female centered films are actually better, but they don't usually get into best picture line-ups, unless they have male co-leading part.

  6. The Post ,a fair and gorgeous nom.
    The Hours also.