Monday, January 10, 2022

Streep to be in only one episode of "Extrapolations"?

Thanks to a tweet from Jamie Michael Rogers, I was alerted to the fact today that IMDb only has Meryl's name linked to one episode of the upcoming limited series, Extrapolations for Apple TV+. I wasn't sure if this really meant anything, but when I look at the rest of the cast's bios, their names are all linked to the full set of eight episodes in the series. Seems strange that only Meryl's would be different, unless it's simply the case that she's only going to be in one episode. 

Being that hers is the only character for whom they've never given any information, I've wondered for  while if ultimately she was going to have a rather minor role. Seems like that might be the case if this info turns out to be true. It's certainly possible we're reading too much into things. But it would kind of make sense, considering they've apparently been filming for over a month, and Meryl's been busy with press for Don't Look Up (which by the way was shut out at the Golden Globes last night). 

Extrapolations may just turn out to be something Meryl joined more for the message than the work. 

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  1. The way forward for Meryl is producing and starring in worthwhile movies. More so at her age. It gets harder and harder to secure juicy roles unless you take charge. Frances Mcdormand is doing it. So are Nicole, Reese, etc. Even Blanchett has just nailed Almodovar first feature film role with producing credit. What happened to Places Please? Looks like it has dropped into a black hole or something.