Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Cast of "Don't Look Up" earns SAG nomination

The Screen Actors Guild announced their nominations for film and television this morning. While Don't Look Up was left out of any individual noms, the cast cracked the top five for outstanding cast in a motion picture. Meryl is included in that of course, which, according to Deadline, is her (own) record-breaking 17th nomination in a feature film. 

I'm not super shocked that there were no individual nominees form the film. I thought Leo might sneak into the top five, but it's a stacked year for Best Actor, and we still may end up seeing him get recognized by the Academy. 

A few surprises:

The most glaring was the absence of Kristen Stewart for her performance in Spencer (not may favorite). Jennifer Hudson was a surprise in this category for Respect. I was similarly surprised to see Cate Blanchett get nommed in supporting in Nightmare Alley over Aunjanue Ellis in King Richard. Although I still fully expect to see Ellis up for an Oscar. Jean Smart showed up in Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Movie, but I have to remember that they don't have supporting distinctions in these TV categories. Still, I wasn't expecting to see her, but much-deserved. The men of Belfast were shut out, as was the cast for The Power of the Dog. This last one is perhaps the most shocking, considering it's a leading contender for Best Picture, and all three main cast member were nominated today! How does it miss?! 

Loving all the love for Succession, Ted Lasso, and Mare of Easttown. 

The SAG awards will be simulcast on TNT and TBS on Sunday, February 27. 


  1. Don’t Look Up also got 15 mentions in the BAFTAs Long List, including Meryl. The most for any movie alongside West Side Story

  2. Like I've said before, massive support from industry and 5 actors in bafta longlist. (Some)film twitter pretends to be shocked when the real world keeps talking about DLU.

  3. I feel "Doubt" should have won the SAG for ensemble. It's incredible they didn't get that.

  4. I do agree. It was the most terrific cast of 2000- 2010 .

  5. I'm just glad Meryl is still getting some recognition, even if she has to share it. It's been a tough few years for those of us who both love awards and Meryl as they have not crossed as often as I'd like. Even her BLL awards run was underwhelming, I wanted that Emmy for her!!!

  6. People, what about the magnificent masterclass of improvisations Meryl gave the world while shooting DLU? Amazing! Check it out:

    1. Amazing. I also think this may be a last minute push for awards contention (Oscar). Initially, when NYTimes ran the article on Meryl's character in DLU even before the movie was released, I was hoping it would gain some traction for awards recognition but it all fizzled out when the movie did not garner the critical reception I'd envisaged and when the MVP was either Rylance or Blanchett or even Leonardo based on what I've read. Still, let's hope they manage to win ensemble in SAG.

  7. Having just seen Tragedy of Macbeth, I wish there was something out there with a bold director for Meryl! Frances was great but I kept imagining what Meryl could do in the hands of a cinematic genius with rich material. Wow...