Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Filming of "Babylon" reportedly pushed back to 2021

Variety reported yesterday that Brad Pitt has signed on to star in a new film called Bullet Train, set for production later this year. This matters to me as a Streeper, as the article also reports that the reason Pitt will be available this year to film is because Damien Chazelle's film, Babylon, has pushed production to 2021. With the number of cast members, close proximity, romantic scenes...I'm guessing they just had to figure it would be a Covid nightmare trying to pull it together this year.

I had posted a couple months back how Meryl is rumored to be attached to the project. The script is wild (in a good way), and it would be a bit of a departure to see her in something this eye-opening. Plus, she'd get to work with Brad Pitt and Damien Chazelle.  

Considering filming may not happen now for over a year, who knows who's going to end up being in the final cast. My guess is that with so many things delayed, most actors' schedules will fairly open, so hopefully Pitt and Emma Stone stay attached. Regardless, with it being delayed now I'm not expecting many casting updates or confirmations for this project in the near future. But I'll keep an eye out. 

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