Tuesday, July 14, 2020

First look at "Let Them All Talk"

HBO Max has unveiled a promotional video for its upcoming content. Included in it is Meryl's upcoming film directed by Steven Soderbergh, Let Them All Talk. Jump to 1:52 for the content:

At a mere seven seconds of video, it's going to be almost impossible to really glean anything of importance from the clip. Meryl looks and sounds like herself. We get a second of Dianne Wiest, Lucas Hedges, Gemma Chan, and Candice Bergen. We get a tidbit of conflict when Bergen's character asks Meryl's character, "Does anybody trust you?"  

No official word on when or how they plan to release it. With the current Covid situation, are we looking at an HBO Max platform only, or also theater release? Considering the Academy has apparently waived the requirement for theater releases to be eligible (I think?) for Oscars, I'm guessing they're just going to release it to HBO only. 

Looking forward to a trailer. 


  1. Seven seconds is enough to get me excited! Hoping for an early fall release (September - maybe after a digital festival premiere!) I especially appreciate that Meryl is having an opportunity to work with contemporaries like Candice and Dianne. The clip looks very Soderbergh in its colour palette! As for the Oscars, I'm growingly increasingly concerned they won't happen at all...or that we we still get The Prom "on time" in late Nov/ early December...hope I'm wrong!

    1. I can't believe I didn't already know this, but the ceremony has been pushed to April 25 next year to accommodate the Jan 15 deadline (as late as Feb 28 for "specialty categories").

      I have very few expectations for this film and Oscar love. Same for The Prom, although I'd expect it to be more in the running (Globes for sure) than Let Them. I think The Prom will get its Netflix release in 2020.

  2. Meryl looks great in the clip. Call me a pessimist but since this was put together in less than 2 weeks I've never held out a lot of hope for this to be terrific. Hope I'm wrong!

    Looking forward to the next recasting segment Jeff!

  3. They continued to shoot on December around N.Y.

  4. Streepers think that Alice could be gay (and her love interest is Gemma), what do you think of that possibility?