Thursday, March 12, 2020

Production on "The Prom" halted due to coronavirus concerns

Deadline is reporting that due to concerns over the coronavirus, production on The Prom has been shut down for the time being. They were apparently set to wrap shooting over the next few days, but one of the last scenes was set in a high school, which was closed for health concerns.

The good news is that 1) they were close to finishing up, so not much left to shoot, and 2) the tentative plan is to resume/finish in mid April.

The way the whole planet seems to be shutting down, however, it's anyone's guess when production will continue. Regardless, I fully expect this to be released in 2020. 


  1. This seems to be one of Meryl's longest shoots! I remember being perplexed as to why "It's Complicated" took 6 months to finish.. right up there with "Death Becomes Her" and just behind "Out Of Africa". On a related note, I would love to uncover the shooting lengths for all Meryl's movies, it's so interesting.
    I remember how impressed she was that Clint Eastwood got their movie filmed in something like 40 days!

    Anyway, really hope you and you family are keeping well Jeff. Let's hope we're all through this soon. Thanks for continuing with updates in such uncertain times. Take good care X

    1. Charlie, can you send me your email address again? I keep a list of Meryl's filmography with filming dates I know of. Send to

      Doing as well as can be expected in Minnesota! My clinic is basically shutting down in the next two days so trying to manage a lot of moving parts. Stay safe and healthy.

  2. Have you read this?

    Peace to all and take care. David.

    1. I have not seen this! I have an Irish friend who actually does dialect coaching and a while back he mentioned that Meryl did a great job in Dancing at Lughnasa. It was nice to hear because Meryl had talked about how she struggled on set and actually had a little bit of a complex about it because the dialect coach at times didn't think it was right. Obviously she eventually got it down.

      Stay home (if you can) and healthy.