Thursday, March 26, 2020

Update on Emmy predictions for 2020

In the midst of what may possibly be the most monumental worldwide event of our lifetimes, one thing that is allowed to continue is TV watching. The deadline for Emmy consideration ends on May 31, with nominations to follow on July 14.

I posted back in October some speculation about Meryl's chances. I happened to take another peek to see how things were shaking down in regard to updated predictions on Gold Derby. While Meryl is still listed in the majority of predictors of whom they expect to get nominated, I'd say she averaging about third place in predictions.

As expected, Helena Bonham Carter is leading the pack for her portrayal of Princess Margaret in Netflix's The Crown. Hot off her Oscar nomination for Harriet, Cynthia Erivo is nabbing a few mentions for her work in The Outsider. Julia Garner is very popular as well on Ozark, and several think Ann Dowd will show up nomination morning for The Handmaid's Tale. Laura Dern is still showing up on some lists as well (Big Little Lies), but I actually think she's less likely to be nominated after having just won the Oscar for Marriage Story. I expect some people will think she's had enough recognition this season.

It's kind of a slow time for Meryl news these days. Please offer any suggestions on topics you'd like to hear about or anything you'd like to see discussed!

Stay safe and healthy.

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