Sunday, July 21, 2019

Episode 7 of "Big Little Lies"

That's it, folks. Seven weeks never went so fast, and with it, the second season of Big Little Lies is in the history books.

They didn't waste any time getting to the scene we were all waiting for. Celeste went at Mary Louise hard on the witness stand, painting her as the genesis for why her son Perry turned into the monster he was. It was probably predictable that Celeste would get custody, but I found it nerve-wracking regardless. I have to admit that I started to feel an ounce of sympathy for Mary Louise--a credit to Meryl of course, when she started to feel the guilt of her responsibility in how she raised her son. The part where Max and Josh were sent over to give her a hug after the judgement put a little knot in my throat.

Thank God Ed and Madeline just buried the hatchet already. Glad to see that Renata dumped Gordon, and Jane looks like she might be happy to pursue things with Corey. I was totally ready to see a scene at the end where Bonnie drives herself off the road, or Mary Louise sees her in the car and runs her off the road or tries to crash into her, killing herself and Bonnie in the process. Instead, we see the Monterey Five respond to Bonnie's text and join her in walking into the police department, no doubt to confess and bring some closure to all.

The ending leaves things open for a third season, and there are reports recently of Nicole Kidman saying she'd be up for it, but I don't see it happening. HBO bosses have already gone on record saying it's unlikely. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing this show continue, but the cast probably just won't be able to all get together to make it happen, even if they all had interest. And Meryl likely wouldn't really be involved regardless.

Wild to think that it will be a year before we know how it fares for Emmy nominations. But there are of course the Golden Globe and SAG award noms coming up in just over four months!

I'll leave everyone with this little gem of an exchange between Meryl and the great Laura Dern:


  1. Season 1, I thought Laura Dern was best in show. I was hoping Meryl would outshine her Season 2. But, I have to admit that Laura was still the best in my opinion, followed by Meryl and Kidman. I never did see the love for Kidman in Season 1 (or in anything else she's done, for that matter, since To Die For). However, I thought she was quite adequate Season 2. Witherspoon fell short compared to Season 1. Kravitz was better Season 2, because of more air time. Perhaps Woodley was better than in Season 1 but whoever butchered her hair ruined everything about her performance.
    Overall, Season 2 paled in comparison to Season 1. Too many flashbacks from Season 1 and not enough new material. The seven episodes would have been better if condensed to three or four. If there is a Season 3, I hope it is a two-hour movie of the week.
    Rob in Canada

    1. I tend to agree, Rob. Dern and Meryl will duke it out at the Emmys next year I'm guessing. The last two episodes for Dern were fun and campy, but not as good as middle of the season. Reese seemed to just be in the background the second half of the season, as her marital struggles with Ed seemed to lie in stasis far too long. Kidman was great the last few episodes. The writing was generally weaker this year, but Meryl did well to improve it. She ALWAYS tricks me. I have a preconceived notion of how I think she'll play a character or scene and she always surprises me. It sounds cliche but I still forget it's her.