Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Meryl talks about Topsy Turvy

Entertainment Tonight had a blurb yesterday in which Meryl talks about her character in Mary  Poppins Returns.

Tatiana Tarazia Kozitoritopotrepanovsky. That's what my non-Russian speaking ear heard Meryl say when describing the name of her "crazy" character, Topsy. In the original P.L. Travers book Mary Poppins Comes Back, Mary's cousin is actually a man, Mr. Turvy, and his maid (whom he marries) is Topsy. I do not know if she is supposed to be of Eastern-European descent in the book, but in the movie, Mr. Turvy's role is taken over by Topsy.

Looking forward to hearing Meryl's latest accent mastered.


  1. When you turn on the captions this is the name that comes up and having been raised by a Russian mother I think it’s correct:
    Tatiana Antanasia Cositori Topotrepolovsky

    I believe it’s mostly Russian, Cositori might be Gypsy/Roma and it could be partly Polish as well.