Monday, June 5, 2017

Filming wraps on "Mary Poppins Returns"

Filming is evidently complete on Mary Poppins Returns.  I was pretty sure they were close based on some of the tweets I had read from Lin-Manuel Miranda.  But this recent one confirms they have officially wrapped:

IMDbPro lists that filming began in February of this year.  Not that five or six months wouldn't be a long shoot, but I seem to remember that some scenes were shot as early as last fall.  Unfortunately I've seen no glimpse of Meryl on set or in costume.  My guess is that we'll have to wait for some production stills or a teaser.  Considering the film won't be released for another 18 months, those glimpses might be a while.  Director Rob Marshall should have plenty of time for post-production.


  1. Geez- should come out this Christmas then! Why the wait? And no Meryl pics at all?

    1. There's probably a bunch of special effects that'll take while to complete. I read on Awards Watch that Meryl's scenes were all indoors thus no pics of her in action.