Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Her Again

Meryl is on the April cover of Vanity Fair. In it, we are given a substantial excerpt from the upcoming Streep biography entitled Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep.  Written by Michael Schulman, the book covers the early years of Streep's acting career in the mid to late 70's, apparently up the point where she was awarded her first Oscar for Kramer vs Kramer.  Of course I've already pre-ordered my copy which is set to arrive the first week of May.  I also read the Vanity Fair article last night, which makes me excited for the book.  The details with which the author describes Meryl's thought processes and personal contributions to the script during the filming of Kramer brought me back to the root of why I'm such a fan of hers.  I kept thinking to myself while reading it "she's just so great at finding the humanity in her characters."

The biography is apparently "non-authorized" and Meryl has released a statement that she did not contribute to the book nor has she read it. Multiple sources are making a big deal about the Dustin vs Meryl struggle that was evidently a cornerstone of Kramer's production, particularly that Hoffman allegedly slapped Meryl to evoke a certain emotional response in her performance.  I don't know why that would be a big deal to report.  I can recall Meryl saying on television that Dustin slapped her across the face as hard as he could which "set up the stakes" for filming.  Whether or not it's true, Streep has said so herself, so hopefully no one gives Schulman any shit over it.

Check out the article and book!



  1. Hi, Jeff!

    The expression "her again" is a quote of Meryl winning her third Oscar on the Iron Lady, isn't it?


    1. Hi Hugo. I thought that too, and that would make sense. "Oh NO. Oh come on, why? HER. Again."

    2. I got that too haha. Grr this is the driest period we've had, news-wise, in like 6 years!