Saturday, January 2, 2016

New year, new possibilities

Happy 2016!  I hope everyone safely survived New Year's Eve and that we're all energized for the upcoming awards season.  Living in Minneapolis, where in January the average low temperature is in the single digits, going to a bunch of movies and enjoying the buzz surrounding the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, BAFTA and Academy Awards helps me endure the frozen slog.

This will be one of the rare seasons where we won't see any of Meryl.  I'm disappointed that Ricki and the Flash didn't garner her at least a Golden Globe nomination, but I suppose it only whets the appetite for things to come.  2016 brings with it multiple unknowns as it pertains to Streep's screen career.  The one film we know will be released this year, Florence Foster Jenkins, doesn't even have a U.S. release date yet.  But in a way, the lack of certainty makes my tendency toward unabashed speculation a little more fun.

So what will 2016 bring?  I'm guessing Florence will get an awards-y fourth quarter release.  The more compelling questions surround when Meryl's next official project will be firmly established.  Ad nauseam I've blogged about my hopes for The Good House.  Were that film to come to fruition, word could come anytime.  It seems a reasonable timeline to film this fall, allowing for a 2017 release.

Then there are those pictures on my personal wish list, any of which being announced would make my head spin.  There was some speculation last summer that Meryl may join Amy Schumer's untitled mother-daughter action comedy, but I'm mostly interested in Meryl's participation for the reasons I explored here.  An adaptation of The Testament of Mary is a huge pipe dream, but worth another mention.  Then there are the biopics, three of which I currently consider major interests of mine: Susan B. Anthony, Indira Gandhi and Diana Nyad.  None of these are "likely" to happen, although the last isn't completely crazy.

Regardless of Streep's next project (maybe she in fact won't film anything in 2016), I hope she's able to team with great directors on even better scripts.  Despite the paucity of established upcoming roles, the overwhelming likelihood is that, although we don't know exactly when, Streep will continue to deliver numerous outstanding performances in the years to come.  Didn't someone once say that patience is a virture?  Ugh.

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