Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Golden Globe nod for Meryl

I'm not going to call it a "snub" because looking at the list of nominees, it was going to be a difficult year for Meryl to get in.  When I learned of the results this morning, I was honestly a little surprised that she didn't get's usually a slam dunk, particularly at the Globes in this category.  Her role in Ricki and the Flash seemed tailor-made for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Musical/Comedy Category.  Streep actually had pretty decent reviews for her work, but with the high expectations from both director Jonathan Demme and screenwriter Diablo Cody, the tepid quality of the picture sealed Meryl's fate.

Here are the nominees for Actress in a Musical/Comedy:

1. Jennifer Lawrence (Joy)--probably not a comedy, but we've covered this already.
2. Melissa McCarthy (Spy)
3. Amy Schumer (Trainwreck)
4. Maggie Smith (The Lady in the Van)
5. Lily Tomlin (Grandma)

I'm sure Meryl is  thrilled for her friend Lily Tomlin.  I'm personally happy for both Melissa McCarthy and Amy Schumer, as both of those ladies crack me up.  As a fan of Downton Abbey, I'm looking forward to seeing Dame Maggie in her film.

On the bright side, Meryl sitting a year out will improve  her chances for recognition next year in Florence Foster Jenkins, especially since it already seems like that film, although mostly dramatic, will have some comedic elements and will likely end up in the Musical/Comedy category.  Hoping she challenges for the win. 

The full list of nominees can be seen here.


  1. I hope either Tomlin or Smith wins although Maggie never tends to attend! I'm still disappointed and think she deserved to be recognition but you're absolutely right about this improving her chances for next year.

    I just want some news soon about another film or, fingers crossed, a play for 2016.

  2. Do you know any film projects Meryl will do 2016 ?

    1. IMDb Pro has The Good House, Master Class and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? as "in development" projects for her.

      Nothing has been set in stone. There has previously been much talk about her joining Robert De Niro for The Good House, an adaptation of Anny Leary's novel with a screenplay by Michael Cunningham. End of last year it was revealed that the film had been financed and was to begin production this year. Still nothing.

      Master Class likely won't be happening because of the passing of Mike Nichols.

      Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? is listed as rumored involvement, with Sissy Spacek as the other lead. It's a real project with a director attached and screenplay, but Meryl has no where else been listed as attached to star.

      I'm hoping shooting The Good House comes together for filming next year for a 2017 release.

  3. There also were rumors about 'Power Ranger' film saying Meryl should have to play the villain but I hope that it was/will stay just a rumor...
    Def hope The Good House will happen, what a pleasure to see them both in a movie together again...
    Sad that Meryl wasn't nominated, the only good thing about it is missing Ricky Gervais, that'd be really a long boring night...

  4. Thank you ,I hope she will do some good movies next year . So maybe we can see Oscar 4 ...

  5. she will get her 20th oscar nomination and 30th golden globe nomination for Florence Foster Jenkins. That will be amazing!

  6. I have high expectations for Foster Jenkins...stephen frears is generally more hit than miss. He has some classics in his filmography (The Grifters; Dangerous Liasons; High Fidelity; Philomena) and Frears and Streep could make some magic. Here's hoping Jenkins delivers - oscar #4 for meryl.

  7. I can't believe Into The Woods or Ricki's soundtracks made no impact for a Grammy nomination given some of the dross they've gone with. I wanted Something!

  8. I'm not surprised that Meryl didn't make the cut. Let's face it: Ricki was a letdown on so many levels that not even she could save the movie from its quick descent into oblivion. The acting was nothing to shout about even though we Streep fans laud her for learning how to play the teleblaster but the mid section of the movie (where it was one song after another) just bore me to tears, more heartbreaking than ever since I'm a huge fan. There's no way she can compete with the likes of Ronan or Blanchett and even in the musical/comedy category, she may just be 6th or 7th slot behind Smith, Lawrence and Schumer. If anything, I would want her to replace Amy Schumer (I just didn't GET the performance in Trainwreck) but alas Trainwreck was a hit and Ricki wasn't. Let's hope Florence will do better.