Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New TV spot for "Ricki and the Flash"

Just a few weeks before Ricki and the Flash debuts in theaters!  I'll likely be seeing it for the first time in Cleveland, as Joe has a swim race there that weekend.  A new tv spot was released today.  Essentially nothing different from the trailer but worth a gander:

The film opens nationwide on August 7.


  1. Still can't get over how lame they are making this movie seem... "sometimes a girl just needs her mother"-corniest dialogue ever. I mean come on. It just makes me mad that Meryl is going to miss the Oscar nomination this year for a potentially great character role all because they're taking a seemingly great concept and turning it into a lifetime movie... and for what? The way they're marketing this it doesn't seem like it will be a big box office hit either.

    1. Yeah, it's marketed pretty cheesy. But I hope there's a method to the madness that I don't fully understand.

    2. Oh well. I'll get over it. Just seems like a waste is all since this project initially seemed so promising. I know I personally will still enjoy Meryl looking amazing in it no matter how crappy the film turns out to be. But that's me, I doubt the general public will feel the same way.

    3. We definitely need wider promo to play up the music and the drama of the piece.