Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Audra McDonald joining "Ricki and the Flash"?

Meryl attended the premiere of her Ricki and the Flash co-star's (Kevin Kline) new film My Old Lady.  Not looking too shabs in a cute print dress.

More importantly, someone on the Meryl Streep forum posted a quote this morning from Kline, who essentially stated that filming was starting soon on Ricki.  Telling a brief synopsis of the story, he mentioned that in the film his character, Meryl's ex-husband, is remarried to Audra McDonald.  I have not heard any reports that McDonald is attached to this project, but that would seem strange for him to mention it if it weren't a done deal at this point, as filming is set for early October.  I would love to see McDonald in a Meryl movie!  She is a six-time Tony Award winner, her first coming in the mid 90's for her featured performance in none other than Master Class.  


  1. Jeff she has 6 Tony awards! She beat the Angela Lansbury/Julie Harris record this year unfortunately. I would dearly love for Meryl to get one sometime soon. Perhaps she could re-create Margaret thatcher for the stage similar to what Mirren did in "The Audience"?

    1. OMG you're right! Thank you and I've made the correction. Six is just mind-boggling, and she's still rather young. I'm not sure Meryl is going to do an extended theater run. She always said she'd have to wait until her kids are out of the house and that's already happened. Maybe she just keeps getting too many great film offers.

  2. I think this is so funny/awesome because they were just comparing Audra to Meryl at the Tony Awards ;)