Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The state of the race and SAG predictions

With the Screen Actors Guild nominations set to be announced tomorrow morning, I thought it best to take stock of where the Best Actress race stands, in particular as it pertains to Meryl's chances at recognition for her work in August: Osage County.  Several critics groups have given out their awards and/or nominations.  Thus far Meyl has been nominated by the following organizations:

Satellite Awards
Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Associations
Detroit Film Critics Society
St. Louis Film Critics
Phoenix Film Critics Society

Not exactly cream of the crop.  Nothing from New York, L.A. or Boston.  Not a huge deal as the televised awards are a whole different ball game.  I'm predicting Meryl to be nominated for a SAG and I think the film has a great chance at an ensemble nod as well.  That said, it's not impossible for her to miss based on the predictions I've noticed throughout the web.  The Golden Globe noms are announced Thursday morning, but Meryl missing there is next to impossible.

Were she to be snubbed tomorrow morning, I think her chances at an Oscar nomination will dramatically decrease, as the actors branch is the largest in the Academy.  Fingers crossed!  My SAG predictions for Actress in a Leading Role:

1. Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
2. Sandra Bullock (Gravity)
3. Meryl Streep (August: Osage County)
4. Emma Thompson (Saving Mr. Banks)
5. Judi Dench (Philomena)
 alternate: Amy Adams (American Hustle)


  1. Jeff how much stronger would her position have been if she had been able to film Saving Mr Banks during February - August last year when she wasn't working. It could have been released late summer/early autumn and hit the water before August: Osage County at Christmas..

    1. Well I actually wouldn't want her to have both August and Banks at the same time as one may pull votes or opinions from the other, except at Globes where one could be comedy the other drama. I'm actually going to be including Saving Mr. Banks in my reimagined history this spring and a shoulda coulda woulda after I see the film. I wish the production could've gotten together early 2012 actually, that way it even could've been ready for a late 2012 release. That paired with Hope Springs in August would've been a better set up in my opinion.

  2. Halleluiah Jeff, two more nominations for Meryl. I am so happy. This will certainly bode well for her Oscar nomination number 18!

    I am curious about the Golden Globes now and hope Meryl won’t be pitted against Blanchett, who certainly looks like close to a lock for Best Actress 2014 given her critics award haul thus far..

    1. Pretty sure Blanchett is going drama, Meryl comedy so they won't be pitted against each other. I'm sure Merl won't win the Oscar this year so I hope Blanchett prevails. She's so great.

    2. I am hoping for Dench actually, it would be lovely to see her rewards with the main prize. But who knows what roles the future will hold?

      I think it's crazy for Blanchett to go Drama, she would so easily prevail in Comedy I think, even against Meryl. Any work on where Dench will be campaigned?

    3. Gold Derby has Dench predicted in Drama.