Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Streep to receive Icon Award

Deadline is reporting that Meryl will be the recipient of the Icon Award from the Palm Springs International Film Festival.  The award "honors a creative talent who, through the course of his or her career, has created a body of work which symbolizes the highest level of achievement in the motion picture art form."  No brainer I guess.  The ceremony will be held on January 3rd.  Congrats, Meryl! 

And in case anyone was wondering what the hell is going on the the August: Osage County release date, the plan is that it will now open in New York and L.A. on December 27 and go wide January 10.  Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood nicely explains the reasoning here.  I hope Harvey knows what the hell he's doing. 


  1. What I really want from festivals is for Meryl to win best actress. She needs a Volpi cup for starters :)

    I've decided I won't mind too much if they give the Golden Globe to Amy Adams as she's unlikely to win anything else this season. But she needs to win next year for Into The Woods which needs its Christmas release..

    I won't be too bothered about this release date so long as we have large box office receipts in the end..

  2. Meryl Streep wins the Nevada film critics award. Finally a win yeahhhh. Think she is the favorite for Golden Globe. Ken