Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ok, ok. Streep confirmed for "The Homesman"

I'm willing to say it now.  Shobiz 411 is reporting that Tommy Lee Jones is looking forward to directing not only Meryl in The Homesman, but her daughter Grace Gummer as well.  I had no idea that Grace was attached to this picture, and have no idea what role she'll be playing.  How great would it be to see her working in a scene with her mom even if it's just for a moment? 

Roger Friedman wrote the article and claims he heard directly from Jones that he is indeed going to be directing Streep and Gummer:

What was he up to next, I wondered? “Horses, and the fresh air. I guess they’re going to call this movie a western, The Homesman.  It’s more than that.” By the way, he did tell me hasn’t talked to his old friend and roommate Al Gore in some time.  And is he ready to take on Meryl and her daughter? “Yes. I am,” he said, which is loquacious coming from Tommy Lee Jones.

He's not exactly overdoing it with specifics, but with all the reports of Meryl's involvement, there really haven't been any quotes from those involved about Meryl's participation.  Evidently Hilary Swank was quoted in The Daily Telegraph this weekend that she's excited to watch Meryl work, but that was only on hard copy and I haven't actually seen it in print online. 

The filming is to begin this spring.  It sounds like it could be a fairly arduous endeavor so I'm not sure if they're shooting for a late 2013 release.  Regardless, I'm looking forward to another Meryl movie. 

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