Saturday, October 13, 2012

More pics from set of "August: Osage County"

I feel like kind of a bad Meryl fan/blogger.  Evidently there have been two additional snapshots of Meryl from the set of August: Osage County that were posted online like a week ago that I've only come across now.   I was out of town last night, so after getting back home this evening I wanted to post about the new pics of Ewan McGregor, Dermot Mulroney and Abigail Breslin that were released a couple days ago.  You can see those here.   What I was surprised to find were these two rogue pics of Meryl. 

As you can see, the photos come from the Meryl Streep forum gallery.  I was a bit confused at first because I thought it was a completely different site, but turns out the gallery kind of has its own separate page.  Does anyone else see a likeness to Meryl's other Oklahoman film character Karen Silkwood in these pics?   I wonder if Meryl had any input on the styling.  These are clearly from the same scene as the only other photo we had up to this point...Beverly's funeral.   I understand the new pics of McGregor, Mulroney and Breslin are also from the same scene.  Apparently the three of them take Steve's (Mulroney) car to pick up some wine for the family dinner after the service.  We can see the Florida license plates, as in the script, Karen and Steve live in Florida.  The red sports car fits Steve's character pretty well...sort of midlife crisis, smarmy, douche baggy.  

I read on the Meryl forum that she's not due on location this week.  I believe they'll be shooting the remainder of the scenes at the Boulanger home in Pawhuska.  The pics might be a little harder to come by if everything is being shot indoors.  Stay tuned, and unlike me...have patience.  

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