Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sheriff Deon scrapped?

Okay, so one day after I posted a pic from the set of August: Osage County and wondered if the actor in it may have been Sheriff Deon Gilbeau, Regina at FYC Meryl Streep was kind enough to inform me that someone on the Julia Roberts forum who's read the script is reporting that they've reduced the character to a cameo.  Whoa that was a long opening sentence.  It's not as if I'm going to miss the character, and this is actually good news for Meryl's screen time.  Tracy Letts had been saying that he was struggling with paring down his play in order for it to be a more reasonable length as a film.   The scenes with Deon and Barbara (Julia Roberts) are not super integral to the plot, and with the deletion of them I think there's less likelihood that anything that includes Violet (Meryl) would be removed.  Now let's see some Meryl pics already.   I guess this means the cast is officially complete:

Violet Weston: Meryl Streep (confirmed)
Barbara Fordham: Julia Roberts (confirmed)
Charlie Aiken: Chris Cooper (confirmed)
Karen Weston: Juliette Lewis (confirmed)
Jean Fordham: Abigail Breslin (confirmed)
Beverly Weston: Sam Shepard (confirmed)
Mattie Fae Aiken: Margo Martindale (confirmed)
Steve Heidebrecht: Dermot Mulroney (confirmed)
Little Charles Aiken: Benedict Cumberbatch (confirmed)
Johnna Monevata: Misty Upham (confirmed)
Bill Fordham: Ewan McGregor (confirmed)
Ivy Weston: Julianne Nicholson (confirmed)
Dr. Burke: Newell Alexander (mentioned in play but does not appear onstage)

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