Sunday, November 13, 2011

Someone has actually seen "The Iron Lady"

Meryl attended a screening of The Iron Lady in London this weekend and I found an article from someone who was in attendance. I guess I technically count this as the first real review of the film I have read. It's definitely the most information I can find on the actual plot, character development and thoughts Meryl has on the performance/film. There are some interesting tidbits including Meryl saying that this was the "biggest role she had undertaken in her career." Coming from her, that's kind of a big deal. I enjoy some of her viewpoints on Thatcher herself, admitting that she still doesn't agree with a lot of Maggie's politics, but as a woman, finds her remarkable. Check out the article below. I'm sure this is the first in a tidal wave of opinions that will be coming in the next few weeks for the role and movie. Ba-ring it.

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  1. I've been searching Twitter and Google for more reactions from the screening like a crazy person. I'm dying for a new trailer.