Sunday, November 20, 2011


This evening I happened upon some fun inside Meryl info that I couldn't help but post. My friend Justin and I attended Sunday beer bust at the Minneapolis Eagle and I ran into my friend Fiacre. Yes, that's a name you don't see every day and I use the term "friend" liberally because we're technically more like acquaintances because I haven't seen him in like a year, but whatev. Fiacre is full-blooded Irish and I honestly don't know how Meryl came up, but I mentioned my blog and that Meryl was in a film where she donned an Irish accent. Fiacre basically finished my sentence by saying "Dancing at Lughnasa!" Little did I realize that Fiacre was at one point an Irish dialect coach. WTF?!

I recall when watching Meryl on Inside the Actors Studio that Dancing at Lughnasa was the first time she was ever told there was a problem with her accent. Apparently the dialect coach took issue with the delivery of a certain line and mentioned this to the director who then forwarded the info to Meryl. Ms Streep had evidently never been in this position before and for the first time in her life forgot her lines and stated that she "didn't know why she existed." Anyway, Meryl got over it and delivered a superb performance. This was the one film where I could never quite tell if her accent was indeed accurate. So, I had to ask Fiacre what he thought. He told me that he had seen the movie and (keep in mind he's a friggin' Irish dialect coach) that Meryl's accent was spot-on. It put to rest any doubt I had in Meryl's adeptness at executing any form of speech she attempted. How I could have ever questioned her ability is disheartening, but as I've said before, I really try to be objective. Honestly I was thrilled (such a loser) to hear Fiacre's judgement. As if I really needed further reason to adore her skill. Regardless, Meryl rules.

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