Friday, November 25, 2011

Meryl back in the lead among Oscar prediction pundits

Happy black Friday, everyone. Today has been glorious, in that I had the day off and have not left the house. More glorious is the fact that this week Meryl has surged back into the lead among Oscarologists as most likely to win the Academy Award for best actress for The Iron Lady. Gold derby has her in first place at 17/10 odds and movieline moved her from third place last week to first.

There is pa-lenty of time for things to change, however. No doubt this recent surge is all due to The Iron Lady having been screened for many international critics over the last week. Fine with me. It's probably best that they have pushed things out so far, as the buzz has likely already peaked for the other main contenders.

Two comments: First, this is often how it goes for Meryl. She puts forth an amazing performance year after year and people begin to suggest that this is finally the year that Streep receives that elusive third golden guy. Secondly, and don't hate on me fellow Streepers, but if this run continues and by some miracle Meryl actually wins the Oscar, I'm worried that the Academy will completely ignore her over the next several years. Not that she needs to have more recognition necessarily, but I thoroughly enjoy all the talk and hyperbole that goes along with an Oscar run. With all the news surrounding her performance this year and how iconic of a role she's in, a loss would make it that much more enticing in the next go around. I have a feeling I'm not going to have to worry about her winning, however. Only time will tell. For now, I'm enjoying the show.

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