Saturday, August 13, 2011

"The Iron Lady" teaser

So, I just got home from an annual volleyball tournament and I'm surly because we did not do well. Not embarrassing by any means but disappointing. Posting my first real info on Meryl is therefore least that's what I'm telling myself.

I'm sure most people know that Meryl has not had a film come out in almost two years. This lacuna, although distressing, makes the upcoming release of The Iron Lady that much more appealing. It's set to debut in U.S theaters on December 16, coincidentally my friend Scooter's birthday, who's also a big Meryl fan. One can guess what I'll be making him do on his birthday.

The film is a sort of biopic of former U.K. prime minister Margaret Thatcher. I guess my overall impression of Maggie tends to be that of a nutty, right-wing, union-busting harpy. Nonetheless, a formidable woman. Totally up Meryl's alley. Of course Meryl dons Lady Thatcher's distinct British accent (and gross teeth unfortunately). Historically, Streep is known for her ability at perfecting such accents. I think I'll probably add a link on the blog eventually of all the accents she's done on film. Enter Joe.

Meryl gets a bit of flack for this sometimes, being criticized that she's just a cerebral technical actress. Mimicking diphthongs like some parrot I suppose. She's been quoted as thinking of herself as the opposite: "I'm always baffled by this question (why do you work on accents?)... How could I play that part and talk like me?" Take that you stupid reporter.

On July 7 of this year the international teaser trailer for The Iron Lady was released and Meryl fans went apeshit, myself included of course. It was cleverly delivered with Meryl as the money shot at the the very end. I'm a bit surprised the full trailer hasn't been released yet, but soon enough I should think. Watch it below in case you've only seen it three or four times.


  1. This teaser always gives me goosebumps when her name slowly appears on screen!

  2. So dramatic and enticing. Love that shit.