Monday, August 22, 2011

"Great Hope Springs" begins filming

Evidently Meryl's next project, Great Hope Springs, begins filming today in Connecticut. The film stars Meryl and Tommy Lee Jones as a married couple who seek counseling from a relationship guru played by Steve Carell. I'm guessing a release date in early 2012 will be in store. With this film following the biopic The Iron Lady, it reminds me of two years ago when Meryl followed up Julie & Julia with It's Complicated. I have to admit, I thought It's Complicated would be sort of hokey and too much slapstick. I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully I'll be similarly amused by Great Hope Springs, considering I tend to find most film comedies annoying. Meryl actually does pretty well with comedies, so I'm looking forward to it. More to follow...


  1. What's the word on the steep about an upcoming Meryl film co-starring Tina Fey? --directed by Stanley Tucci?

    P.S. What does the L stand for in JMLA?

  2. The word is that the film is called "Mommy and Me." There is very little info on it and I don't even know if it's officially happening. If it does, it'll be a comedy with Meryl playing Tina Fey's mom.

    Ps- "L" stands for Joe's cofirmation name Lawrence.