Saturday, January 13, 2024

Streep returning for season four of "Only Murders in the Building"?

I debated for a hot second about whether or not to post about this, but Roger Friedman at Showbiz411 has posted that he has confirmed Meryl's participation in season four of Only Murders in the Building. I'm not familiar with the site, and it seemed kind of gossipy and poorly written. But I'm sure I've speculated on Meryl's future projects with far less concrete news that this in the past! 

Meryl was on hand for the American Film Institute Awards luncheon (looking absolutely stunning in a lavender suit btw). Friedman apparently confirmed the full cast's participation in the upcoming fourth season. More interesting is that at the end of the article, Friedman writes that Meryl told him after the lunch that she's "getting back into film with several projects cooking." If that turns out to be true, it would be like sweet nectar to my starving lips. Despite the acclaim Meryl's getting from her role in Murders, it's no secret that I'd prefer to see her in something new. I'm fine with her being in the upcoming season if in addition to that we get some film projects! Even better if she lands a lead role. 

Fingers crossed that the film news pans out. Regardless, it's wonderful to see Meryl out and about on some red carpets! I'm guessing she'll be at the SAG Awards on February 24 to join the Murders cast for their ensemble nomination. 

I'm sensing a Streep resurgence bubbling under the surface. 

Streep at AFI Awards luncheon


  1. I'm also feeling resurgence vibes! My mind keeps coming back to Hepburn and Davis, who worked well into their advanced age, with Hepburn winning a 4th Oscar about 15 years after she won a third! (One hopes history bears repeating, Academy). I'm happy with her continuing to pop up in OMITB - especially given her relationships with the cast ;) . Her character was said to be heading to LA when they left off and narratively it would make sense if the latest investigation took them to LA and thus to her...but time will tell! I just hope it's for 1-3 episodes or so and not a season long commitment as a regular. Save that for an even juicier part!

  2. Wonderful news! I'm also wondering when we'll get to see "Places, Please", just for my own curiosity.

    1. The film was in post-production as of July 5, so has to be sometime this year. I wonder if it'll be an awards push for Lange and they therefore delay release until the end of the year.

    2. That's a good point Jeff. I was also looking for her LDJIN adaptation as well, a lot of movies seem to get stuck when looking for a distributor

  3. She just won the Critics choice award for OMITB.