Friday, December 23, 2022

Will Meryl star in a 2022 Blacklist script?

It's that time of year again, when I comb through the Hollywood Blacklist of "most-liked" unproduced scripts to see if there are any that could reasonably star Meryl. I looked back at my posts and I see that I did not post about any scripts for the past two years. This leads me to believe that there were zero that seemed to fit the bill for a leading lady of a certain generation. But this year there might be one!

Coming in with twelve "voting mentions" (the most was 25) is Peter Haig's Fog of War. 

"When a retired war journalist returns to the outpost where her son was stationed to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, she uncovers unspeakable horrors."

There's not a lot of info here, but it sounds like it could be interesting. A "retired" war journalist with a son who was killed while serving in the military suggests that the woman could reasonably be someone over 60. Meryl often signs on to films that have a political edge to them, and I suspect that this screenplay depicts a modern setting with contemporary sensibilities and difficulties. Of all the scripts I've suggested over the years, only The Post has ended up as a feature film with Meryl starring. Nyad was one that I really wanted for her, but at least it's getting filmed (even if it's not the original screenwriter) with Annette Bening. 

Overall, looks like we're not going to have a single screen project of Meryl's released in 2022. Extrapolations might be first quarter 2023, but other than that, and considering Meryl might have a small part in that anthology series, there's zero coming down the pike that we know of as of today. Hope that changes soon!

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