Monday, August 1, 2022

Scott Z. Burns talks "Extrapolations"

Thanks again to Jamie Michael Rogers, who regularly alerts me to updates on Meryl's upcoming project for Apple TV+, Extrapolations, we have a bit of new info from writer/director Scott Z. Burns. 

A quicker link to the interview with The Hollywood Reported can be found here. Burns describes how Meryl was the first person he approached for the anthology series. Her passion for the topic and project, he explains, was instrumental in getting other cast members to join. Burns goes on to say that some characters have "ongoing storylines," while others are only in one episode. Unfortunately, he doesn't go into any detail as to which characters or actors fall into which categories. Meryl continues to be one of the few cast members who doesn't have a character name listed on IMDb. I had posted a Twitter clip some time ago in which Sienna Miller describes in an interview that Meryl will be playing her mother, as well as one additional part. Whether or not that gives us any inkling into Meryl having more than one episode in the ten-episode series remains to be seen. I certainly hope we get more of her than a single episode, but my hopes aren't super high. Regardless, the series sounds really interesting and timely, and is scheduled to premiere on the streaming service sometime this fall. 


  1. Hoping this will be great of course but hard to be excited about it since Meryl may have a small role. Would love her to do a miniseries where she is the star or even better, play multiple roles.

    Hope she's enjoying this down time!

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    1. Probably Meryl's most underrated film and performance.